P&C Association

Parent and community participation is highly valued at Chatswood High School. There is the opportunity to join various committees, to volunteer services and share expertise, and to be involved in a wide variety of activities through the P&C Association. The Chatswood High School P&C Association aims to support the school through financial and practical assistance and through input to, and support of, school policies and the school's strategic plan.

大会在下午7.30在学习空间举行两次的术语。 P&C Meeting dates。会议为学校活动,政策,需求等的讨论平台,并且通常由校长出席并往往也由学校工作人员的演讲嘉宾。

P&C Membership is open to all parents and caregivers of students of Chatswood High School, and to all citizens, resident within the current school district. A subscription of $2 is payable for Membership. The P&C derives its income from Parent contributions and Fund Raising events as well as administering a 免税建设基金.

Visit the P&C website www.chspandc.org.au



The P&C website lists the contact details for the 父网 Co-ordinators. If you are interested in joining the parent network for your child's year group, please fill out the 在线父网络形式 on the P&C website and you will be added to the 父网 list.


Involvement can range from being on a committee to helping out occasionally. Some examples of P&C Committees are Fundraising, Uniform or Canteen. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, we'd love to hear from you. Please print out the 分委员会得到 参与网上表格 on the Chatswood High School P&C website and the relevant person will be in touch with you.